Monday, June 8, 2009

eBay store up and running!

At some point you'll be able to shop online on our website, but for now we've started up an eBay shop so that all you interstate/national folk can get your mittens on our wares.

Click HERE to take a peek!

There are some pretty swell things in there right now, a bunch of rather amazing auctions kicked off last night and there will always be loads of 'buy it nows' too.

Check back and sign up for the eBay newsletter for updates and to beat everyone else to it, as there'll be new items added every few days.

Some of my picks in this weeks auctions:

Suede and shaggy fur trim jacket, as featured in this issue of Fashion Journal.

Brown Suede fringed waistcoat with silver studs and rings

Possibly the best leopard leather high waisted mini skirt ever

And this wondrous Trelise Cooper Blazer. Amazing.

Hope there's something to your liking!



Sophie.Goulopoulos said...

how much is that diviiiiine blazer?

Brave Boss said...

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