Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage inspired swimsuits now in store - My Sister Pat + Vivienna Lorikeet

Just a quick post to let you know we have the most DIVINE vintage inspired swimsuits now in stock. I'll do big posts on each respective label soon, but here's a little sneak peek!

This one might be my favourite of the day, it's of course ever changing as each and every one is absolutely to die for.

Aren't they just the bees knees!? They're all made here in Victoria, with the majority done in original vintage fabrics and therefore only limited quanities of each print are available, making them all the more special.
The cuts are insanely flattering and they are all fully lined and a-ok for swimming.
On top of these guys we always have a gorgeous selection of vintage swimwear, from 60's bikinis and 40's maillots to psychedelic mens trunks. You know where to come for your Summer cossie!



trishhunterfinds said...

Practically perfect in every way!

meglet said...

How great is My Sister Pat?!
Did you know they come from Ballarat? The lady who makes them is just gorgeous and her daughter (unbelievably also called Meg!!) is the sweetest thing.
We did a photoshoot with them for work. I'll post you a copy!

Velour said...

I do indeed! Yes Margie is so so lovely isn't she, and the suits are just INCREDIBLE.
Oh wowee i'd love to see the shoot!
and Meg, well there just must be something about the name huh ;)


Kit said...

Wow, these look SO cute. I can't wait to find out more! Amazing..