Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper giants: Cleo February 1975 - Jack Thompson cover

On the "to do" list for quite some time, has been the scanning of my vintage magazines.  The release of Paper giants: The birth of Cleo was the perfect impetus to get started on this slightly daunting task.  For anyone who missed it - you can grab the dvd here and there's an excellent article about Ita here

First up I went for February 1975.  Featuring Jack Thompson, the first subject of the "Mate of the Month" centrefold, and the first(and last?) bloke to make it onto the cover, Barry as Dame Edna aside.

Click to enlarge

I'll do a picture post with some more pages tomorrow, but here are a couple of cheeky booze advertisements:
UDL - The teen stepping stone to alcoholism
since '75. Are you ready?

Note the Sasha platforms, not so ideal for
drunken creeping...




Helen Norrie said...

HI - we are doing a research project on an amazing house by architect Esmond Dorney, which we are led to believe is in the issue of Cleo with Jack Thompson on the cover.

Do you have this magazine? If so - it woul be great if you could you have a look and see if this project is in there and contact me about this. It's on Fort Nelson in Hobart, and is extremely cool!!

Thanks - Helen

cheryl king said...

I have this magazine I have a whole case of cleos and cosmos from 1980s